Sunday, September 29, 2013

A Glover Feather in My Cap!

     If you're like me, you rarely get stamped, first-class letter mail anymore.  So, yesterday, when I glanced over at the mail lying on the floor in front of the mail slot, I got kinda excited.  Invitation?  Belated birthday wishes?  A response to a genealogy inquiry?
     As you can guess, I was anticipating something good, by the time I actually held the letter in my hand, and immediately saw that it was indeed for me, and that the return address was from a Glover relative, whom I'd heard of, and knew lived in Arizona.  I wanted to rip it open, but didn't want to chance tearing the letter itself, so I very calmly took a knife and slit open one end.
     The letter began:  Dear Cuz, (Those two little words were music to my ears!) I know we have never met, but I know that we are cousins... I WAS/AM SO EXCITED!  Or, as the young folks say, - stoked!  Not only is this the first time that someone approached me first, (genealogically speaking), but this new connection adds a new leaf to my family tree.  And, he no doubt has information about ancestors/relatives of which I have scant or absolutely no knowledge of.  As a matter of fact, he made reference to a cousin in Ohio.
     I've written about my cousin Howard before in my miniature 'exposes?' of The Glover Family. We sprout from different branches of  the same tree, in the form of Neal Glover, who was my 2X grandfather, and Howard's Grandfather.  Though we both live in Detroit, we've never met, and only became aware of the other other's existence, within the last few years, when I contacted him. My new 'correspondent', is his youngest brother.
     Etiquette might dictate that I respond in kind,- by letter, but let's face it, - I've never been one to follow the rules, Lol!  I did the only thing which made sense to me, looked him up in White Pages, and called.  No one answered.  No problem, that was expected, being a Saturday afternoon and all.  I've paced myself, and reasoned that I'll wait, and try again later, this afternoon, on the off chance that he's a churchgoer.  After that, all bets are off!
     Howard and I have now more or less cemented  plans to meet.(We alluded to it before, but it was never anything definite).  We have another cousin who also lives here in the city. She's Howard's  first cousins, as their fathers were brothers.  I've been tasked with finding her, and making the arrangements for the three of us to have lunch.
     At the risk of being repeating myself, "I'M SO EXCITED!"  Maybe the ancestors aren't upset with me after all.  Or, maybe it's like I said before, 'nothing happens before it's supposed to.' 
This picturesque scene is on the back of the card/letter. which I received.


  1. Perfect letter! Hope you all have had a chance to meet by now.

  2. I really hope everything went well, and you are all now in contact. I'd love to be able to track my family history back to the old days but I wouldn't have a clue about where to start. It's nice to know your roots and where you came from originally. Lovely post Nell.
    Seasonal Greetings and have a very Happy New Year :)