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The Other Glover Families From Claiborne

Too bad the Guinness Book of World Records has no category for 'most challenging/hardest to find ancestors.  My elusive kin would  always win, - hands down!  I do stand corrected.  Anyone remotely associated with my family would grab the brass ring.  I've heard of families with a distrust of the government and/or who simply did not wish to be counted in the census disappearing, but mine take things a bit too far. They must leave the planet!
Last Tuesday, loomed bright with promise, hope, and....dare I say it... foolish .e-x-p-e-c-t-a-t-i-o-n? (there's a lilt to my voice on the end). I'd decided to make a genealogical foray into the Slave Schedules. Rolled up my shirt sleeves, and dug in.  But then, in the 1870, I discovered 2 other African-American Families living in Ward 7, Claiborne Parish, Louisiana, in addition to my GG Grandfather Neal Glover's. I opted to put The Slave Schedules on the back burner for now, and to follow the evidence, or in this case, to get on the trail, and pray I find evidence!
1870 Ward 7, Claiborne Parish, La. - J. Glover & N. Glover Families

As mentioned before, Cousin Ora Lee, recalled that 2GG Neal had a brother named "Alf," One of these families had a son named "Alf", and a male head of household, old enough to be Neal's father. They may not be related, but you'd think that just 5 years out of Slavery, finding 3 African-American Families sharing a surnames, living in the same general; area, would all but guarantee a connection of some sort.  Right? Well, maybe. There may not be a direct relationship, but I've at least got to try to rule for or against one.
I fast forward 10 years, to the 1880 census.  Hiding in plain sight, are The Neal Glover Family, and Alf Glover and his Family:

My 2GG Neal Glover & Family, 1880

1880 Census - 2nd Ward, Claiborne Parish La.
Alfred Glover, 28, b. Ga.
Eliza Glover, 26, wife, b. La.
Frank Glover, 3, son, b. La.
Fayette Glover, 2, son, b. La.
Mary Glover, 3m, daughter, b. La

'Alf' is married with 3 children, and living in the next ward. All the other Claiborne Glover's seem to have vanished.  Nary another Glover Family to be found, though I run exhaustive searches. - First & last name, first name only; only those born in certain years;  those born in La; African-Americans born during particular time periods/in La.  I searched page by page, checked for marriage records.  I'm guessing, most of them must have 'jumped the broom.' because I find records of no marriages.  Not even for the males
Since records for the 1890 census, are all but non existent, my next stop is the 1900 census. Once again, 
'Alf' is up front and center:

1900 Census - Garner, Union Co., Arkansas
Alfred Glover, age 49, born in Ala, 3/1854, married 24 years (1876)
Eliza Glover, wife, 43, b. 1/1857, in La
Nannie, daughter, 16, b. 9/1886 in La.
Ethie, daughter, 15, b. 5/1885 in La.
George, son, b. 1/1889 in La.
Gemi, son, b. 7/1891 in La.
Isa B., daughter, 7, b. 9/1892 in La.
Marshal, son 2, b. 11/1897 in Arkansas.

Fayette,Glover, is 21, is also living in Garner, and is a servant in the household of Jno Wms.  Per the census, he was born in La., in 11/1878. 
Frank and Mary also appear to be living on their own, but where?
I've learned 2 things about 'Alf.' One, he married about 1876, and two, his family moved to Arkansas around 1898, based on all the children being born in La., except Marshall, who was born in Ark. 


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  1. Leave your Ancestors alone chile! It looks like Alf is making himself & family known just fine! That's why they chose you to sort things out!:)

    Keep digging...